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The electro-optic deflector makes an ideal Q-switch for compact, low average power systems. Polarizers are not required and the optical loss can be kept to below 1%.

The ability to deflect in a few nanoseconds allows short Q-switch pulses to be produced and high repetition rates obtained.

The 1 mm aperture deflector has been successfully used to Q-switch a micro-chip laser at 20kHz while producing 1.5 ns pulse lengths.

Leysop can supply the deflector with a miniaturized 1kV driver operating between 0 – 20 kHz. The Q-switch is not liquid filled and does not require accurate alignment.

Deflector Specification

Deflector length11m20mm25mm
Deflection angle for 1kV drive5mrad3mrad1.5mrad
Optical loss ar/ar at 1.06mm< 1%< 1%< 1%
Dimensions (mm, excluding connections)25 x 25 x 1120 x 20 x 3120 x 20 x 31
Switching SpeedDriver limitedDriver limitedDriver limited

Solid State 20kHz Driver Specification

Power Input+9V or +12V @ 0.7A D.C.
Output+900V pulse
Nominal Pulse Length20 - 100ns, internally adjustable
Rise Time into 50pF Capacitor<10ns
Trigger Input2 - 5V with 10ns rise time into 50 Ω
Repetition Rate0 - 20kHz
Dimensions60 x 60 x 110mm
Connectors: Output & Trig. inSMA
Cable length between Pulser and Deflector500mm max.

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