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Far UV Measurement Tools for Safe Sterilization

EOC offers Far UV (100 – 200nm) measurement tools for the safer Far UV.  These tools include Far UV sensors and meters.  Far UV (100 – 200nm) is safer for sterilization because it does not penetrate the skin.  Conventional germicidal UV light (200 – 400nm) is a safety hazard because it kills skin and eye cells.  Far UV (100 – 200nm) does not penetrate the dead cell layer at the surface of our skin and eyes.  Also Vacuum UV (VUV = 100 – 200nm) is used in semiconductor photolithography and surface cleaning.

UV Radiometer 7.1 & TO 46

Now there are tools for measuring and monitoring the Far UV intensity:

  • TO-Can type sensor GFUV-T10GD-L
  • Far UV Portable Meter GFUV-T10GS7.1-LA9

These and a variety of other UV sensors, probes and meters are available from EOC.

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