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High Sensitivity Scientific Mini Spectrometer

The EOC-SI-6500 Fiber Optic Spectrometer uses a Miniature Ultra-High Performance 2048 x 64 pixel semiconductor cooled, back thinned CCD array that reduces dark current. This CCD array greatly reduces sensor noise resulting in almost 2 times higher SNR than other similar systems. It also increases measurement reliability because
results are not changed with temperature.

The EOC-SI-6500 has a tailor designed ultra-low noise CCD signal processing circuit inside, resulting in first-class quantitative noise that is much lower (3x).

  • Detector:2048×64 pixel back-thinned CCD, cooled down to -15 ℃
  • Spectral range: 190-1100nm
  • Ultra-low noise CCD signal processing circuit with Ultra-high dynamic range, Ultra-low Etalon effect and a Quantum efficiency>90%

Electro Optical Components has a full range of Mini Spectrometer Systems for applications from UV to Mid IR.  They can be portable and handheld, used in airborne applications or in the laboratory environment.


These Mini Spectrometer Products are available from:

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