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Part Numberλ cut on. µm ± 0.2λ peak. µm ± 0.3 λ 50%. µm ± 0.2λ 10%. µm ± 0.2R. ohmRi peak. A/WD* peak. cmHz1/2/W optical area. mm2 WindowPackageTermistor
PVA-32.352.83.43.5≥2.0E3≥1.3≥5.0E90.1 x 0.1-TO39Yes
PVIA-32.352.83.43.5≥2.0E3≥1.3≥5.0E101 x 1-TO39Yes
PVA-3 2TE2.32.753.33.4≥2.0E5≥1.3≥5.0E100.1 x 0.1Al2O3TO8Yes
PVIA-3 2TE2.32.753.33.4≥2.0E5≥1.3≥5.0E111 x 1Al2O3TO8Yes
PVA-≥80≥1.3≥5.0E80.1 x 0.1-TO39Yes
PVIA-≥80≥1.3≥5.0E91 x 1-TO39Yes
PVA-5 2TE2.≥1.5E3≥1.5≥4.0E90.1 x 0.1Al2O3TO8Yes
PVIA-5 2TE2.≥1.5E3≥1.5≥4.0E101 x 1Al2O3TO8Yes
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