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IR Sensors/Modules for Your COVID-19 Medical Needs

Electro Optical Components offers infrared detectors & emitters and gas sensor modules for your lifesaving medical devices for the COVID-19 pandemic.

The EOC IR Products for your medical device include:

  • High Sensitivity Thermopile and Pyroelectric Detectors.
  • Robust PbS and PbSe Detectors and Arrays that can be mounted directly on your PCB.
  • MerCad Telluride (HgCdTe), In As and InAsSb Detectors with high sensitivity and wide spectral range.
  • IR Broadband Sources, Pulsable and High Efficiency, SMD Packaged.
  • NDIR, Electrochemical Gas Sensor Modules, Particles Sensor Modules and Accessories for a broad range of gas detection requirements.

These IR Component and Module products are distributed in North America by:

Electro Optical Components Inc.
Toll Free:  (855) 362-6300;   (707) 568-1642

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