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art photonics is dedicated to the development and manufacture of specialty mid infrared materials for the production of fiber optic cables, ATR probes, T/R probes, gas detection cells and spectrometer systems.

Their products are widely used in research & development laboratories, by Analytical Scientists, Engineers, Laboratory Managers and those involved in molecular absorption spectroscopy, for near infrared (NIR) and mid infrared (MIR) sensing. They offer a wide variety of fiber optic materials, probes and systems that range from 0.18µm to 18µm (555cm-1 to 55555cm-1).

Accessories for Mid IR Fiber Spectroscopy:

Refocusing & Collimating Fiber/Lens Objectives

Fiber Probe Couplers for FTIR Spectrometers

Fiber Probe Coupler iF5 for FTIR-spectrometers

Focusing Adjustable Fiber Coupler forCO2 Laser (LaFoCoupler)

Adjustable Coupler for MCT Detector in LN Cooled Dewar

Fluorescence Infrared Detection Cards

CIP/SIP ATR Fiber Probe

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