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  • Designated for detachable IR-fiber optical cables with SMA-termination
  • Adjustable in 3d dimensions – X-Y for lens & Z – for connector position
  • Can be fixed at side window Dewar for QCL / TDL lasers & MCT/ InAs detectors

Standard or customized coupler construction can be supplied for customer laser or detector installed inside LN-cooled Dewar with side window. CIR- or PIR-fiber optical cable with SMA-termination can be supplied according customer specification for his specific applications. 2 types of MCT-detectors are also available for a set with IR-cable and optical fiber coupler – either with LN-cooling in Kedal Dewar for 4-14µm or with triple Peltier cooling – for 1-6µm spectral range.

Coupler Construction for LN-cooled Detectors or Tunable Diode Lasers






Ø55 mm, length = 40 mm
Angular translation in the range ±2.50° in both orthogonal axes
Z-translation stage in the range ± 5 mm


Material – Ge or ZnSe, Ø15 mm, f =10 mm,
AR-coating for 10.6 µm (other wavelength – on request)

Coupler Construction for TE-cooled Detectors or Quantum Cascade Lasers

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