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  • Efficient coupling of fiber probe to FTIR-spectrometer
  • Compatible with sample chamber of iS5 & other FTIR
  • Mirror optics to enable work in broad spectral range
  • In/Out ports compatible with SMA-terminated fiber probes
  • Pre-aligned for distinct FTIR-model and adjustable to maximize coupling efficiency

FlexiSpec® fiber coupler enables easy coupling of fiber probes with any FTIR spectrometer, but was designed for FTIR-Model iS5 from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Design of FT-Fiber coupler from art photonics follows the line of standard accessories for iS5 for easy installation into its sample chamber, but can be also adjusted for its use with the other FTIR-models. Coupling of FlexiSpec® probes with FT-spectrometers eliminates the need to prepare samples and place them into the sample chamber, but makes remote analysis possible for molecular reaction monitoring in-line.


  • Easy coupling of fiber probe to FTIR spectrometer – to enable remote spectroscopy in-line
  • Upgradable and adjustable to various FTIR-models
  • Easy to install in sample chamber – as any other accessories

Application Notes: Fiber Probe Coupler iF5 for FTIR Spectrometers
User Manual: Fiber Probe Coupler iF5

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