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  • Variety of fiber probes coupling with any FTIR spectrometer
  • Compatible or customized for FTIR sample chamber or external port
  • Mirror optics for broad spectral range
  • SMA-terminated in/out ports for any fiber probe with SMA-connectors
  • Pre-aligned for distinct FTIR-models or adjustable to optimize coupling

FlexiSpec® fiber optic probes can be coupled with any FTIR spectrometer by standard fiber coupler produced by manufacturers of FTIR spectrometers and FTIR accessories. art photonics can provide customized fiber couplers / launches for various FTIR- models – with or without sample chamber. TIR coupling with FlexiSpec®


  • Easy coupling of any fiber probe to any FTIR spectrometer – to enable in-line applications
  • Upgrade of lab FTIR-models to remote process-spectroscopy
  • Can be used as any other accessories in sample chamber

IFC1 – Fiber Coupler

Designed for different fiber probes, iFC1 coupler connects them with FTIR-spectrometer iS5 from Thermo Fisher using iD1 accessories platform. Mirror optics covers a broad spectral range and adjustable for SMA-terminated input/output ports.


From Harrick Scientific Inc. Equipped with large ellipsoidal mirrors, the FiberMate2® efficiently couples fiber probe with different models of FTIR-spectrometers. The FiberMate2® utilizes mirror optics coupled to two SMA connectors. It is equipped with PermaPurge® to maintain the system purge.


Dual mirror fiber coupler
Two identical mirror couplers are designed to focus FTIRbeam to fiber probe input or refocus it from the probe output to FTIR-detector. Can be installed directly at sample chamber windows, at external FTIR port or be fixed with a customized holder inside sample chamber. Mirror optics covers a broad spectral range and can be adjusted to SMAconnector position to maximize coupling efficiency. Mirrors can rotate around beam axis for convenient probe connection to FTIR at any angle.

Fiber Couplers can couple any FTIR-spectrometer with various FlexiSpec® probes and upgrade it for in-line ATR-, Transmission or Reflection process-spectroscopy in a broad spectral range.

Application Notes: Fiber Probe Couplers for FTIR Spectrometers

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