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Unique transmission spectra of PIR-&CIR-Fibers is in the excellent overlap with IR-emission spectra of Black Body in temperature range from 0° to 300°C (270-570K). Thus PIR-Fiber synergy with IR-detector or IR-detector array creates the basis for promising development of IR-vision endoscopes to be used for early cancer diagnostics in medicine by thermography method, for flexible and multi-channel applications of thermo-vision cameras in industrial process control, in security systems, in avia-traffic control and in space applications.

PIR-fiber optics in combination with MCT-detectors in Liquid Nitrogen cooled Dewars provides a variety of flexible and low cost solutions for the most sensitive and fast pyrometry applications in temperature range from 220 to 330K (-50° to +50°C).

PIR-Fiber Bundle - IR Image Converter: PIR-300 7x7 Grid to 1x49 Line Bundle
PIR-Imaging bundle assembled from 9x9 PIR-200 fibers

Dual channel MCT-detectors in LN-cooled Dewars sealed with 2 PIR-fiber cables to compare 2 IR-signals measured from IR-emitting surface spots at double cable length distance from each other. Dual MCT-PIR-fiber detectors may be also used for dual wavelength control of absolute temperature variation.

Perfect match of PIR-fiber transmission range with IR-emission spectra
of blackbody in 220-330K range and with sensitivity spectra of
Liquid Nitrogen cooled MCT-detectors:
“X” normalized photon power radiant flux density (black body T = 220, 292 and 330 K);
“Y” spectral responsivity curves of MCT- detectors; and
“Z” spectral transparency of 1 meter long PIR-900/1000 fiber[/caption]




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