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  • High throughput at Mid Infrared range
  • On-line absorbance spectroscopy of liquids, pastes & soft solid surfaces
  • Compatible with all FTIR, QCL and IR- Filter spectrometers
  • Cost effective alternative to more expensive ATR-IR-fiber probes
  • Replaceable ATR Loop PIR-Fiber Tips

ATR-Loop Infrared PIR-fiber probe was the first in FlexiSpec® product line designed for use with FTIR and other Mid IR spectrometers. ATR-Loop PIR-fiber probes are perfect for remote analysis of composition of liquids, pastes and soft surfaces with no need in sample preparation.

Loop fiber probe is the simplest one in FlexiSpec® product family to enable low cost ATR-spectroscopy.


  • Remote evanescent absorption (ATR-) spectroscopy in-citu
  • Multiple ATR-spectroscopy by immersion of fi ber loop in liquid
  • In-vivo molecular spectroscopy for medical diagnostics by simple touch of ATR-Loop to skin or tissue

Specification of Fiber Optic ATR-Loop Probes FlexiSpec®

Probe TypeChalcogenide-IR (CIR)Polycrystalline-IR (PIR)
Transmission range6500 – 1700cm -13600 – 600cm-1
Fiber TypeChalcogenide glass (As-S)Silver Halide (AgCl:AgBr)
Temperature range90°C100°C
Common Parameters of Fiber Optic MultiLoop Probes FlexiSpec®
Total Length1m (opt.: PIR up to 5m, CIR up to 10m)
Customized dimensions are available on request
Shaft Length120 mm
Customized dimensions are available on request
Shaft Diameter10 mm
Shaft MaterialPEEK
Protective Tube MaterialPEEK
Input / Output ConnectorsLong SMA-905 (opt.: any other type)
Detachable PIR Fiber LoopLoop; Multi-Loop (Double-, Triple-Loop, etc.)

Application Notes: ATR Loop Infrared Fiber Optic Probes
Sterilization of ATR Loop Probes


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