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Low Crosstalk Acetylene (C2H2) and Ethylene/Ethene (C2H4) Sensors

The gas detection industry use ETO sensor to detect Acetylene and Ethylene (Ethene).  The problem using ETO sensors is that they don’t have good selectivity.  They react to many other gases.  If selectivity is an issue, the SemeaTech Acetylene (C2H2) & Ethylene / Ethene (C2H4) sensors are way better.  The petrochemical processes create a great amount of C2H2, and it is highly flammable and dangerous. These sensors are the solution.

C2H2 Acetylene

Examples of the selectivity are for the Acetylene sensors are:

Gas                  Concentration          SemeaTech Crosstalk           ETO Crosstalk

CO                    100ppm                       <1ppm                                            125ppm

H2S                   50ppm                         <1ppm                                             55ppm

NO                     50ppm                         <1ppm                                            80ppm


These high performance Acetylene and Ethylene / Ethene sensors are offered by:

Electro Optical Components Inc.
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