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Very compact multi-element LED arrays and LED matrices emitting at one or different wavelengths

  • Miniature dimensions of an LED chip (350 × 350 µm),
  • Narrow-band emission spectrum,
  • Short response time and
  • Low thermal flux

What is the LED Matrix?

The LED matrix is an arrangement of similar or different LED-chips mounted in a single compact package and driven together or independently. This kind of emitter is a powerful radiation source for portable optical analysis systems.

  • Standard one-wavelength matrices – Parallel connection of several LED chips that emit at the same wavelength and driven together can provide a significant increase of total optical power.
  • Standard multi-wavelength matrices – Connecting LED chips that emit at different wavelengths and driving them independently, or applying short current pulses sequentially to each chip, enables scanning of a certain spectral range with the help of a very compact radiation source.
  • Custom matrices – Option to design a custom matrix combining different LED chips and choosing appropriate package.
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