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Amplifier for Photodiodes with built-in thermocooler AMT-07M**

Amplifier AMT-07M converts the output current of a signal source (such as Mid-Infrared photodiode) intoa voltage with amplification for subsequent use with various electronic systems, such as lock-in amplifiers, oscilloscopes or A/D converters. Synchronous detector is built in the same package and gives direct current proportional to signal at selected frequency. Signal value is viewed on LCD Display.

Amplifier AMT-07M is oriented for operation with photodiodes with built-in thermocooler and thermistor (LmsXXPD-TEM(-R) models). Customer can select and set PD operation temperature. Circuit with feedback will set the appropriate thermocooler current for maintaining the selected temperature.

** AMT-07M models will be replaced with newer unpackaged device versions soon

PAb Preamplifier

PAb preamplifier is oriented for amplification and conversion of the pulse current signal generated by LMSNT photodiodes (PDs). Preamplifier enables PD operation at photovoltaic mode (with no reverse bias) – mode in which photodiode becomes the source of photocurrent. PD photocurrent is amplified and converted by preamplifier into voltage signal.

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