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Mini Spectrometer for Solids, Liquids and Powders

LMS-R LED Minispectrometer from Electro Optical Components is the new ultra compact, lightweight instrument for spectral analysis in the near-infrared range 1.3 –2.4 μm.  It enables very fast and simple measurement procedure of various samples: solids, liquids, powders.


Main benefits of the LMS-R LED Minispectrometer are:

  • Can do qualitative and quantitative analysis of solid, liquid or powder samples;
  • High measurement speed: 1 s;
  • Compact Sizes and Weight: 60x42x42 mm and 130g;
  • Low power consumption: max 2.5 W;
  • Power and operation from PC via USB interface;
  • Provided with a software for Windows PCs.
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