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NDIR sensors from smartGAS offer many advantages for successful process control and are ideal for use in gas analysis. Our NDIR sensors have a large spectrum of measurable gases and are especially convincing where it is important to have the utmost precision and reliability.

We offer you our NDIR sensors in two product lines: smartMODULFLOW and smartMODULPREMIUM. In both designs, the durable IR gas sensors are distinguished by low detection limits, very slight drift, a large temperature range and a fast response time and markedly low operating and maintenance costs.


Our NDIR sensors in the smartMODULFLOW series combine measuring precision with compact design and simple handling. We have minimized sizes considerably, compared with many standard solutions, without having to make compromises in terms of performance. This way we offer you the highest quality in the smallest space.

The concentration signals can be read out as real values by means of UART interface and modbus data protocol. Downstream allocation is therefore not necessary. You receive our NDIR sensors as a plug & play version – pre-calibrated and temperature-compensated. You can integrate them into your device straight out of the packaging.

Are simple handling, compact design and high reliability important to you? Then our NDIR sensors from the smartMODULFLOW series are the perfect choice for your application in gas analysis.

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Our NDIR sensors of the smartMODULPREMIUM series have the same measuring cell as in the FLOW series, but offer some further advantages.

By using additional compact interface electronics (smartCONNECT 2 “sC2”) we were able to install a range of additional features and thus further increase sensor performance for very demanding gas analysis applications. The NDIR sensor can be read out and adjusted with Modbus ASCII/RTU via the RS485 interface. In addition, the measured values can be read out in analogue form with (0)4–20 mA or 2/5/10 V output voltage (can be configured with jumpers).

Because the influence of pressure plays a role for IR gas sensors with infra-red measuring technology, the sensors in the PREMIUM series possess an ambient pressure sensor. Optionally, however, the cuvette internal pressure can also be measured and compensated. In order to keep the amount of integration work required as low as possible for you, our gas sensors in the PREMIUM series have an input voltage range of 12–24 VDC and a self-adjusting Modbus interface with up to 115,200 baud.

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Our NDIR sensors in the product line FLOWEVO are particularly distinguished by their optimized optical components and adapted software. Another advantage is the flexible voltage supply. The principle of infra-red measuring technology ensures high long-term stability and performance and the plug & play interfacing of the NDIR sensors facilitates connection to your hardware. The IR gas sensors of our EVO line possess self-adjusting Modbus ASCII and RTU interfaces. They have a baud rate of 38,400 baud. In addition, an LED light indicates the optical status. In combination with the smartCONNECT 2 interface electronics, the PREMIUM-EVO sensors possess the same interfacing features as the sensors of the previous PREMIUM series.

Of course, the EVO sensors are compatible with the sensors of the first FLOW and PREMIUM generation.

High performance NDIR gas sensor modules
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