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Vic Yen

Victor Yen, one of EOC’s founders, spent 40 years pioneering the use of infrared components

Victor was born in Mexico. His father was ambassador for the Republic of China for 35 years serving in the Philippines, Mexico, Thailand, Taiwan and Venezuela. The family immigrated to the US, where Victor was naturalized as a citizen. He received a BS in Engineering from the University of Redlands and received a MS in Aeronautical Engineering from California Institute of Technology.

Victor taught Engineering at Tri-State College in Indiana where he met his future wife, Carol. He then worked as a process engineer at Ford Motor Company in Michigan before moving to California with his wife and son.

Victor began his infrared career at Optical Coating Labs (OCLI) in Santa Rosa, CA. As Marketing Manager he developed applications for infrared filters and coatings and oversaw the sales of all OCLI products. He wrote the OCLI “Infrared Handbook” which is still used as an industry guide today.

As Senior Vice President of Optoelectronics, Petaluma, CA, he spread the use of lead sulfide (PbS) and lead selenide (PbSe) infrared detectors across multiple industries. Victor worked as a marketing consultant for Cal Sensors in Santa Rosa, CA, where he led the commercialization of their PbS and PbSe detectors.

In 1997 Victor co-founded Electro Optical Components, Inc. (“EOC”), a specialty distributor of infrared detectors, filters and components. He managed EOC’s growth into a key supplier of these infrared components. His direct involvement led to the overwhelming success of several international principals in the US/North America market. Victor retired from EOC in 2007.

A soccer devotee, Victor was named All-State after playing for Redlands and began Tri-State College’s soccer program as a player/coach. He helped start the youth soccer program in Northern California, working to administrate the league, coaching, and officiating. He was one of only a handful of Northern California referees certified by FIFA at the time.

Victor died in 2012 at the age of 73.

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