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To make it even easier to use components and devices, Leysop offers a range of mounting options.

  • Holders for Pockels cells and modulators to allow easier fixing to standard footprint bases from many of the well known suppliers of opto-mechanical equipment.
  • End ring designs which will allow the fitting of Glan-Taylor polarizers directly to the ends of the Pockels cells and modulators, similar to those used on our Faraday Isolator range. This reduces complexity of alignment for the end user and reduces the number of component mounts required (1 instead of 3).
  • Pricing for the fitted polarizer options is very attractive compared to the cost of additional breadboard or optical rail component mounts and the arrangement reduces the space requirements allowing more compact and hence stable optical set-ups.
Pockels Cell with Polarizer
Mounted Isolator
Mounted Pockels Cell
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