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Portable & Fast Water Quality Heavy Metal Analyzer

EOC-SI-W6200 is a portable water quality heavy metal rapid analyzer. It uses electrochemical rapid detection method for analyzing heavy metals.

The EOC-SI-W6200  has a fast measurement time (less than 5 minutes) with some measurements less than 30s.  The sensitivity is high and the detection limit is less than 0.5ppb.  The detection accuracy is very good and the algorithm design has been optimized.  Great for rapid detection of heavy metals in water by monitoring agencies.

Product Features:

  • Fast measurement time less than 5s.
  • High sensitivity, detection limit less than 0.5ppb
  • Detection for more than 10 kinds of heavy metals


This portable water quality heavy metal rapid analyzer and a full line of spectroscopy measurement systems are available from:

Electro Optical Components Inc.
Toll Free:  (855) 362-6300 | (707) 568-1642 |

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