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Small, Low Cost & Reliable CO2 Sensor Modules

To reduce the cost and size, Electro Optical Components offers a subminiature UV sensor CSP package (1mm X 1mm X 0.3mm). This CSP (Chip Scale Package) is really unique. The substrate and window material are sapphire and the UV sensor is actually grown on the sapphire window using a proprietary epi growth technology.

The innovative way of embedding the sensor on the window simplifies the assembly process and significantly lowers production steps, time and cost.  The size of the package is much smaller and thinner too.  And it can be even smaller if the application requires it.  The same CSP sapphire & epi growth technology can be used.


The lower cost and smaller size make it ideal for cost sensitive applications like wearable UV detectors, UV detectors in portable devices like phones and watches and other high volume cost sensitive consumer applications where measuring the UV intensity is desired.  The quartz window and metal package make it more robust in high energy UV applications like water treatment and UV curing than other plastic surface mount packages (longer life).

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