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Smallest MEMS VOC Gas Sensor

Electro Optical Components offers the smallest, high-sensitivity and ultra-low power multi-gas sensor with ASIC. It includes pre-installed software and specific algorithms designed for detecting multi-gas.  It is small (3 x 3 x 1 mm), has low power consumption and is low cost.

This MEMS sensor is consisted of nano-particle metal oxide sensing layer, micro heater, micro thickness membrane and Read-out IC. These technologies provide high sensitivity, low-power consumption, fast response, small size, long-term stability and is temperature compensated.

TED110 is a multi-gas sensor for monitoring Carbon Monoxide (CO), combustible gases and a volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and also can be used as an equivalent carbon dioxide(eCO2) sensor.

The sensor has long term stability, high sensitivity and has a fast response time.  This makes it ideal for Air Quality and Pollution Monitoring, Mobile smart Devices, Gas Leak Detection, Breath Checker (Breathalyzer) and Fire Detection.


This TED110 MEMS sensor is available from:

Electro Optical Components Inc.
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