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Smallest MEMS VOC Gas Sensor

Electro Optical Components offers the smallest, high sensitivity and ultra-low power multi-gas sensor with ASIC. It includes pre-installed software and specific algorithms designed for detecting multi-gas.  It is small (3 x 3 x 1 mm), has low power consumption and is low cost.

This MEMS sensor is consisted of nano-particle metal oxide sensing layer, micro heater, micro thickness membrane and Read-out IC. These technologies provide high sensitivity, low-power consumption, fast response, small size, long-term stability and is temperature compensated.

TED110 is a multi-gas sensor for monitoring Carbon Monoxide (CO), combustible gases and a volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and also can be used as an equivalent carbon dioxide(eCO2) sensor.


The sensor has long term stability, high sensitivity and has a fast response time.  This makes it ideal for Air Quality and Pollution Monitoring, Mobile smart Devices, Gas Leak Detection, Breath Checker (Breathalyzer) and Fire Detection.


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