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SMD IR Sources Way Better Than Micro Light Bulbs

EOC-IRE-100SMD way outperforms the Micro Light Bulb for Gas Analysis and Spectroscopy with 4 times the bandwidth up to 20 microns vs 4.5 microns for the micro light bulb.

The EOC-IRE-100SMD also has higher optical power output with lower power consumption.  Benefits include:

  • Broadband spectral emission up to 20 microns – Measurement of many different gases
  • Emits directional radiation – More efficient use of the optical power
  • Robust – Reliable, long-term stable measurement
  • SMD housing – Easy assembly, low profile package, Overall height < 2 mm
  • Low power consumption – Use in portable devices


These nanostructure IR emitters are available from:
Electro Optical Components Inc.
Toll Free:  (855) 362-6300  |  (707) 568-1642  |

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