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Potato, Cheese, Fruit & Nut and Baked Goods Processing, Paper Processing

Potato, Potato Chip and French Fries Processing

  • Measure acrylic amine with spectroscopy due to wrong heat with varying starch level in oil boiling process.
  • Measuring the starch content in potato chips and French fries.
  • Also measure humidity.

Cheese Processing

  • In production of grated, sliced, diced cheese, check for wrong type of cheese, detection of non-uniform slices or plastic remains from preprocessed products.

Fruit and Nut Sorting

  • Using spectroscopy to measure protein and sugar is a great way to sort fruits and vegetables.
  • Eliminate wrong colors and damaged nuts and fruit using spectroscopy.

Baked Goods & Paper Processing

  • The bakery industry and paper industry measure humidity.
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