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Experience Report from the Recycling Industry

Markus Wohllebe, Development Director at RTT Steinert GmbH, about the cooperation with inno-spec:

The recycling sector has been a permanent increase in importance over the last 15 years. The recovery of valuable resources is the order of the day, which inno-spec has gladly committed to. The solutions range from color sorting systems high data throughput to spectral imaging solutions which facilitate cost-efficient plastic sorting.

Which problem did you turn to inno-spec for?

“Die RTT Steinert GmbH develops sorting machines for automatic plastic recycling. A spectral imaging camera system in the near-infrared range is used for the various plastics’ detection. Direct access to the camera’s raw data is of special importance to us. inno-spec implemented the system and the interfaces according to our requirements and specifications.”

What was the special challenge in this project?

“The spectral imaging system had to guarantee a higher spatial and temporal resolution than that of the previously employed fiber multiplex technology. Moreover, real-time capability was required. Furthermore, the measuring technology for our machines had to be very rugged as they may be subject to harsh conditions.”

How was the problem solved?

“inno-spec developed a spectral imaging system in an industrial-standard enclosure without moved parts in close coordination with us. The developed system facilitates measuring processes with 330 Hz, allowing for sorting at bandwidth speeds of up to 4 m/s. Thanks to the system’s improved light throughput, also the lighting intensity could be minimized. The open communication between the developers and the intensive cooperation throughout the entire development phase ensured that the final result fully meets our expectations.”

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