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Micro Pump - Orange Edition

Smaller Micro Pumps that Just Don’t Fail

Xavitech produces gas micro pumps that have the highest quality and performance available. Now they offer the V100 that is even smaller!  In “Life Testing” these just keep on going without failing.  These robust micro pumps are great for gas sampling for NDIR, space applications and where flow accuracy is important. Their unique design outperforms regular diaphragm pumps.  They keep going and going.

The patented micro pump technology is the best because of the design features that give the pumps their accuracy, reliability and long lifetime:

  1. Analog control of flow rate with built in micro-controller using I2C communication
  2. No bearings or rotating motors
  3. Shorter membrane stroke distance


The BLACK Edition micro pumps are the ones with the most functionality and flexibility.  The ORANGE Edition micro pumps are for applications where the high performance is still needed, but cost is important and lifetime performance is not.

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