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World’s Smallest & Lowest Cost O2 (Oxygen) Sensors

Electro Optical Components offers the Faraday-Ox® module, the world’s smallest oxygen (O2) sensor.  This O2 sensor is unique because it is designed for high-volume electrochemical sensor production using MEMS-like manufacturing processes which means Lower Cost.

World’s Smallest Oxygen O2 Sensor (Digital)

FaradaIC® Sensors GmbH has developed a solid electrolyte that can be connected directly with a chip for the first time. The 2x2x1 cm O2 (Oxygen) sensor electronics use patented algorithms to determine the exact oxygen concentration and supply the digital measured values through a standard interface.  The sensor measures oxygen in the range of 0…3 Vol.% and simultaneously provides temperature and relative humidity values.

Electro Optical Components offers the O2 (Oxygen) Sensor evaluation kit and software and other Gas Sensing Modules and Components.

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