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Best Compact Lock-in Amplifiers

In modern optoelectronic systems lock-in-amplification is one of the most useful techniques to get rid of unwanted noise and to improve the measurement sensitivity.  FEMTO has created a series of miniaturized lock-in amplifiers. These small, powerful modules operating reliably even in heavy noise environments.

The FEMTO series of miniaturized lock-in amplifiers have settings – e.g. phase, gain, time constant – controlled either by switches directly on the amplifier module or externally.  The lock-in amplifiers are well suited for amplifying signals from high impedance sources like photodiodes or PMTs while the voltage input can be used to measure signals from low impedance sources like pyros or coils.  These amplifiers include:

FEMTO also has a broad range of signal recovery amplifier products including Current Amplifiers, Voltage Amplifiers , High Speed GHz Amplifiers and Photoreceivers and Balanced Photoreceivers


They are distributed in North America by:

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