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FEMTO’s Best DLPVA Voltage Amplifiers Get Better

FEMTO’s new DLPVA-101-B, -F and -BLN models offer sensitive voltage amplifiers for even more precise measurement of small voltage signals. They replace the corresponding DLPVA-100 variants.

The DLPVA-101-B, -F and -BLN models have significantly lower noise, in some cases by an order of magnitude lower, while the range of functions and operation remain identical.

FEMTO’s new DLPVA-101 Voltage Amplifiers join a long line of Signal Recovery Amplifiers including Current and Voltage (Low Noise, High Speed, Wideband), Lock-in AmplifiersPhotoreceivers & Photodetector Modules.

FEMTO’s signal recovery amplifier products including photoreceivers and lock-in amplifiers are distributed in North America by:

Electro Optical Components Inc.
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