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ilumCURE® innovative UV and Blue Light Curing

Do you use UV adhesives?” and if so: “What do you use for curing?”

Many still use mercury lamps. They have big disadvantages compared to the ilumCURE® LED light sources like much higher power consumption, bulkiness, short lamp life and warm up times (LEDs are instant on).   ilumCURE® innovative UV and Blue light curing equipment can be a hand held or mounted for automation curing device.

The ilumCURE® is available in curing wavelengths of 365nm, 385nm, 405nm or 460nm. Adjustable optics are available to expose areas between 6 x 6mm² and 50 x 50 mm².

IMM ilumCURE® products are distributed in North America by Electro Optical Components Inc.

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