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Mini Flashlight Methane (CH4) Detector

The Electro Optical Components L10M Mini Flashlight Methane (CH4) Detector emits infrared laser light (TDLAS for methane) at a target and detects the intensity of the laser light reflected back to determine the presence and concentration of methane (CH4) in the path.

The L10M Mini Flashlight Methane (CH4) Detector uses a TDLAS (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectrometry) laser system.  This type of gas analysis module enables a new generation of ultra-high precision gas detection products which are suitable for coal mine, chemical industry and other industries. The principle of laser spectral absorption gives these modules high measurement accuracy, quick response time, good stability and long service life.  This Mini Flashlight Methane  Detector  also has a visible red laser to show you where you are pointing and a display showing the methane (CH4) concentration.  Very easy to use and small (2”D x 7”L / 52mmD x 170mmL).  Simple, accurate, low maintenance (no consumables like electrochemical sensors) and small.  A great tool for field use.

Other Methane (CH4) TDLAS systems include:


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