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Sub-Nanosecond Lasers for Hair and Tattoo Removal

These Electro Optical Component 532nm and 1064nm Sub-nanosecond Lasers (Micro Chip Lasers) are based on a passively Q-switched DPSS laser with pulse length of only a few hundred picoseconds. The high pulse energy and excellent beam quality make them an ideal source for medical applications including hair & tattoo removal and other skin defects. Also excellent for lots of scientific applications.

Key features of these 532nm and 1064nm Sub-nanosecond Lasers (Micro Chip Lasers) are Pulse width<1ns (Min<200ps), Pulse energy 10-80uJ (Max>2mJ), Peak power up to 100kW, Internal and external trigger mode (repetition rate less than 10kHz) & High repetition rate up to 100 kHz.

Applications include hair and tattoo removal, Raman spectroscopy, mass spectrograph, atmospheric detection, LIDAR, biohazard detection,  micro-machining, two-photon microscopy, LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown, Laser Induced Fluorescence) and seed laser – 1064 sub ns speed.

These medical grade sub-nanosecond laser diode modules are available in North America from Electro Optical Components Inc.

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