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Precise Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Gas Detection

You can get Accurate and Precise Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Detection using EOC’s DOAS (Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy) Module.   NDIR is not effective with hydrogen sulfide because water (H2O) interferes with the reading (H2S and water have similar absorption bands in the IR region).  DOAS operates in the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum.

DOAS (Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy) is a well-established technique for gas concentration measurements using the principle of ultraviolet (UV) absorption.  It is an optical system (non-contact measurement).  DOAS uses the unique ultraviolet (UV) absorption spectrum of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) to make accurate quantitative analysis and calculate its concentration value.

Other gas detection modules using TDLAS (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectrometry systems include:


These and other highly reliable and accurate Gas Detection Modules are available from:

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