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Andriko Zavadell departs EOC

After almost 6 ½ years Andriko Zavadell left EOC for personal reasons in December, 2019. He will be spending more time with his father. We will miss him a lot, but family comes first. Wally Tang will be your contact…

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The Best O2 (Oxygen) Sensors

SemeaTech introduces their new O2 sensor that has longer life and is lead free for RoHS compliance. SemeaTech's new O2 sensor has double the lifetime of existing O2 sensors, up to 4 years.  It also is lead free, making it RoHS compliant. SemeaTech also offers a…

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Accurate Multiple Gas Detection Module Using NDIR

SILAREX from smartGAS is a new sensor platform using NDIR (non-dispersive infrared absorption).  It has multiple channels for multiple gas detection. SILAREX modules offer the selectivity, long-term stability and measuring accuracy of NDIR. The SILAREX solution allows multiple gases to be measured…

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